Shawn Short: Film Works

Exploring a new medium to present, explore and share his work, Short began producing dance film work in 2017. Fascinated by the new trends in storytelling, Short believes that dance must evolve, without losing its technical and live-art feel.

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His Eye Saw Dance (2020)
Directed by Donovan Johnson, Written by Shawn Short

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An ADF’s Movies By Movers Offical Selection (2020)
Award-winning Black choreographer and vision Shawn Short, navigates the white-dominated world of DC dance. His Eyes Saw Dance is a docudrama series that gives light to the behind-the-scenes of Dissonance Dance Theatre, and The Ngoma School (it’s professional school) as Shawn strives to keeps professional Black dance alive as he operates the only contemporary ballet between NYC and ATL.

Stare (2017)
Conceived, Choreographed, Directed by Shawn Short

Three people wake up to a room of strangers. As they begin to speak to one another (dance), they understand each other’s stories of how they arrive at this room. One was on her way to class. Another getting out of her car. The last, they’re not sure. Through endless conversation, the two start to remember bits and pieces of their past, a fragrance, a look, a feel. In the midst of uncovering the truth and when all hope is lost to a way out…the mystery person laughs in pleasure, unlocks the door..the other two rush to the door… it’s closed… Their screams are heard in silence.