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DDT dancers in Short's Big Band Suite

Dissonance Dance Theatre in Short’s work Big Band Suite.

Interviews & Contact Information

Have an engagement that you would like Mr. Short to attend? An interview request? Would like for him to teach a masterclass, or conduct a workshop?

With the demands of his full-time responsibilities as the Director of Ngoma Center for Dance and Dissonance Dance Theatre, Mr. Short’s schedule is limited to engagement. However, contact him through his email for inquiries.

Shawn Short
Phone: 202-540-8338


Shawn Short is the Founding Director of Dissonance Dance Theatre in Washington, DC. Auditions for the company auditions schedule starts in January and run through April. Dancers with strong classical and contemporary (modern, jazz, hip-hop) training should apply; female dancers must be en pointe.

For more information, visit Ngoma’s job website by click the button below.

*For film or photography projects, please click the button above and view dancer page.


DDT in Short's work Habibi

Dissonance Dance Theatre in Short’s work Habibi.

New Work By Shawn Short

Short always love to explore new ideas on new bodies. Are you a director seeking to expand your repertoire?

If you are interested in commissioning a new ballet by Shawn Short, please contact him at

Dissonance Dance Theatre in Short's work Key in Ebony

Dissonance Dance Theatre in Short’s work Key In Ebony.

Re-staging Past Works

With over 100 works to his merit, Shawn Short has a wealth of repertoire to share.

If you are interested in re-staging a ballet, please contact Mr. Short directly to schedule an appointment at

DDT Dancer in Short's The Road

Dissonance Dance Theatre in Short’s work The Road.

Re-staging past works for educational establishments

As an educator, Short believes in education and the notion that developing young dancers is crucial to the advancement of our field.

If you are an educational institution, expressing an interest in having a Short work re-staged at your institution, please contact Mr. Short directly at to discuss how the project could further the educational intent of your department.