Shawn Short: An Artistic Statement

My choreographic work manifests, through my exploration of the human (emotional) condition utilizing classical and contemporary dance as my medium of choice. Classical ballet, fused with contemporary dance ingredients, emulsify together to produce a catalyst that shapes the body of my choreographic work. Developing work through personal, learned and observed experiences (humanizing and giving "flesh" to narratives and abstracts through refined acting-techniques), I gather and launch imagination with the birth of new choreographies. The "bedrock" of my rehearsal and creative process is a sound directive, triggered by a question in mind (what are we saying/doing). I conduct dance refinement (dance class) as a romantically-rough manifestation, blending pure technical dance vernacular, and investigated-thought arrested from personal choreographic methodology.

We learn from our actions, I believe. Furthermore, constant assessment of my choreographic abilities (and my personal diligence to strengthen them) gives me the ability to produce a sound rehearsal and choreographic process (explorative and investigative). An artist needs to live and experience life in order to induce truth into the characters or work they portray. I love to be hands-on, and I take much time with dance artists (grooming, nurturing, and guiding them) to trust in their abilities; becoming part of the creative process as it becomes solid and vibrant in its construction.

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